Cam Urgert

Cam’s passion for health and fitness has grown through a decade of high-performance training and coaching multiple sports such as triathlon, athletics, Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting. This interest has progressed into working with others to help them reach their potential and their goals coaching Crossfit and practicing as an osteopath. He enjoys sharing his knowledge through teaching the fundamentals of anatomy, functional movement and restoring body systems.


Being an Osteo?

Cam has a deep understanding of the body developed through graduating from a Bachelor of Applied Health Science and Masters of Osteopathy. His holistic approach will assist you in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and can accommodate those who have an interest in improving their performance.


Why do you love coaching crossfit?

The constant variation of workouts working all muscle groups with a good mixture of strength and conditioning made it appealing. While being able to help members with their own fitness journey.


What do you love about crossfit as a whole?

I started my Crossfit journey shortly after lifting weights in the school gym for the first time with no structure or motivation in the workouts. A couple of months later, tired of doing constant beach muscle workouts I saw the Crossfit Games on ESPN and had to jump in a class and give it a go. Love the group environment and the way you can push yourself to the next level.


What is the best part of the CFWA family?

Crossfit West Auckland has a great community of like minded people who want to improve their health and reach their fitness goals. I’m fortunate enough to progress members skills, fitness and strength through coaching which also keeps me on my toes when I jump into class workouts. I like that everyone is on their own journey and how each movement can be scaled down so that no matter what level of strength or fitness everyone is lying on the ground after a good workout.