Logan Reardon

Brought up in Mt Albert and went to Avondale College. Played rep level basketball growing up and also tried to play rugby. Studied a Sport and Rec at uni where I went onto running boot camps and CrossFit Gyms. Was also the physical education officer in the Nz police.


Why do you love coaching crossfit?

I love coaching CrossFit because I get to help people move better and become healthy at the same time as making people laugh by taking the piss.


What do you love about crossfit as a whole?

I love CrossFit as a whole as we get to move our bodies in different ways and get to push our limits with the support of your friends around you.


What is the best part of the CFWA family?

The best part of CFWA is the supportive and fun environment the gym has. You can have a laugh, sweat, give some high fives and bum slaps then go and enjoy your day.