Nissi Simmons

I grew up in good old west Auckland on a lifestyle block, in a caravan! Was homeschooled all the way through. Did a lot of farm work as a kid, played a bit of every sport, did dance, was into anything active and competitive I could get my hands on! Got into horse riding/training for 10 years and competed in that. I’m currently working in outdoor education at One Big Adventure Carey Park camp


Why do you love coaching crossfit?

I love coaching CrossFit because I love connecting with people and being able to help them learn a bit more about movements, and seeing their progress week to week!


What do you love about crossfit as a whole?

I think the best thing about CrossFit for me is the whole community. It was why I joined in the first place and it’s been really awesome from the start. I love the sport, and the people just make it so much better!


What is the best part of the CFWA family?

The best thing about CFWA is definitely the people! Everyone is friendly and supportive. We are all willing to help each other out and push each other through the tough workouts! Definitely a whanau feeling there.