W h a t  i s  C r o s s F i t ?

CrossFit is advertised as “the sport of fitness.” With constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, CrossFit is a training philosophy that coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment.

CrossFit is designed to improve your overall physical abilities, including your endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance, and more. For more insight and information check out our CrossFit training video. But CrossFit is also a few more things — it’s an exercise philosophy, a competitive sport, a corporation, and a community.

CrossFit is a scalable workout that’s accessible to everyone. The stereotype about a CrossFit class is that it’s full of the kind of chest-pounding, lifelong athletes who scale mountains or jog for miles just for fun. In reality, that same class may have a 60-year-old grandmother who’s just completed the first pull up of her life. The intensity of each exercise can be customized to suit the lifestyle and fitness level of every class member.

Many CrossFit trainers (often called coaches) see themselves as part of a new movement in fitness that rejects some longstanding and conventional fitness wisdom. Each class is led by a certified CrossFit instructor, called a coach, and the gym is called a Box (CrossFit has its own language). CrossFit classes usually last one hour and include a warm up, a skill session, an explanation and example of the Workout of the Day (WOD, in CrossFit lingo), and the actual workout.

But CrossFit is also a few more things. You can’t find a CrossFit class in just any gym you step into, CrossFit is offered only by gyms that undergo special certification by CrossFit, Inc. to become CrossFit-affiliated.

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